Photographer Files $1 Billion Lawsuit Against Getty After Being Charged for Her Image

New York, NY-Renowned America photographer Carol Highsmith gave 100,000 images of America in the early 21st century to the Library of Congress to used royalty free. But much to Highsmith’s surprise, she received a bill from Getty images who wanted her to pay them for using one of her photographs. She struck back this week […]

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Judge Denies Samsung and LG Petition to Throw Out Touch Screen Infringement Suit

A Delaware judge has taken Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and LG Electronics Inc. a step closer to trial by accusing the duo of patent infringement related to touch screen technology used by the technology giants in their smartphones.


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Patent Reforms and Congress – Prospects for 2015

Will Congress take its understanding of patent reforms beyond the problem of patent trolls and lobbying by interest groups or be misled once again?


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US Based ResMed Wins Patent Lawsuit against Chinese Manufacturer

The International Trade Commission ruled against BMC Medical Co. last week ordering it to stop importing, advertising, or selling its products in the US.


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Important Patent Rulings Likely to be Tested in Practice in 2015

Patent attorneys and intellectual property experts debate the possible changes in the patent laws expected to be made in 2015 after notable rulings made by the US Supreme Court last year.

Patent Infringement rulings made in 2014 will change the way lawsuits are made

In 2015, major changes are expected in patent law as a result of the rulings made by the United States Supreme Court the previous year on patent eligibility, fee shifting, and the nature of claims. In addition, the US Patent and Trademark Office’s post grant review procedures proved widely acceptable while the number of patent infringement claims dropped significantly as Congress showed support for broader reforms.


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Samsung’s Patent Infringement Case against Nvidia to be Investigated by ITC

The US chapter of the International Trade Commission (ITC) will investigate the patent infringement suit filed by Samsung against Nvidia.

The lawsuit is about semiconductor-related patent infringement

Recently, the ITC voted in favor of Samsung to allow hearing of the patent infringement suit the company has brought against Nvidia. This lawsuit was initiated after Nvidia filed a […]

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Protecting Businesses from Litigation Threats by Patent Trolls

Small startups have always been the target of patent trolls who take the opportunity extort money or threaten them with patent infringement lawsuits.

Litigation costs can be huge – something the NPE counts on for a settlement

NPEs have made it increasingly difficult for new startups and ventures to remain in business by threatening them with patent infringement. Small companies are well aware of the fact that infringement suits can become very expensive thereby making them resort to payout or simply shut shop. Patent trolls usually have a particular way of functioning. They send a letter to the company informing them that the technology being used infringes a patent owned by another firm and that they need to acquire a license from them.


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Rockstar Sells Patents to End Lawsuit Against Android

In a bid to curtail litigation expenses Rockstar Consortium has decided to sell $4.5 billion worth of patents, for a meager $900 million!

Rockstar made to feel the pinch

Backed by tech giants like Apple, Blackberry, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony the Rockstar Consortiums bid to continue with its lawsuit against Android for patent infringement has been brought […]

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Myriad Gene Testing Patents Denied by Appeals Court

The US Court of Appeals has ruled that Myriad cannot patent its gene tests. The case was brought to the court after the US Supreme Court blocked genomic testing.

Myriad Genetics had patented a test on the BCRA1 and BCRA2 genes that reveal mutations that tell women if they are susceptible to ovarian and breast cancer. After the Supreme Court said that the genes could not be patented, companies such as Ambry started offering the tests at a lower cost.


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Microsoft Corp. Settles Infringement Lawsuit with Virnetx Holding Corp.

Microsoft announced a settlement with VirnetX over intellectual property infringement and has agreed to pay $23 million in order to end the dispute over a pending patent. The shares of VirnetX rose after the news was published by the media.


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