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So you’ve got a new invention that you want to unleash into the world. You want to approach potential investors, manufacturers, and you want to start capitalizing on your intellectual property. But before you get started, there’s one thing you should do before all else – acquire a patent.

A patent is a type of protection afforded to inventors by the U.S. government for their products and ideas. It guards against the sale, reproduction and infringement of the invention and allows inventors to obtain compensation when their work is copied or used without their consent.

Filing for a patent in Delaware isn’t always easy, and when it comes to your hard work, you should never leave the success of your invention to chance. If you have recently created a novel product or idea, it’s time to work with an experienced and registered patent lawyer to protect your rights to your invention. Our site is designed to make finding and retaining legal counsel fast and simple. Just browse USAttorneys to connect with a patent lawyer in Delaware today.

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How Do You Obtain a Patent?

In order to obtain patent rights, a patent application must be filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). The office will review the application and determine whether a patent can be granted. In order for a patent to be approved, the intellectual property must be a “true” invention, meaning it must be novel. If the invention or idea has already been conceptualized or if a similar invention exists, the PTO will likely deny the patent.

A qualified patent attorney can help ensure your invention obtains the recognition it deserves. They will evaluate your invention to determine if it has patentable features, will assist you in filing the patent application according to your specific business and financial goals, and will work diligently to help you obtain the exclusive rights to your invention.

Why Work with Our Patent Attorneys?

When the future of your invention is on the line, you can’t trust just any attorney to protect your intellectual property rights. It is important you hire a patent attorney that has experience with a wide range of products and services and who is registered to file a patent on your behalf. For your convenience, all the patent attorneys featured on our site are registered and have successfully helped hundreds of inventors to brand their products and capitalize on their inventions. With passion, expertise and commitment, they will help you register your patent and will assist with all ensuing legal needs.

Turn to our Delaware patent lawyers for superior legal assistance with any of the following:

  • Patent Applications
  • Patent Evaluation
  • Infringement Lawsuits
  • Patent Renewal
  • Draft Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Manufacturing and Sales

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