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In Florida, anyone who has created an invention can obtain protection and recognition for their product or idea by establishing a patent. A patent is a type of license afforded to the creator of an invention, granting them right to exclude others from replicating, using or selling their intellectual property for a limited period of time (usually 20 years), in exchange for the public disclosure of the invention.

However, obtaining a patent isn’t always easy. Not all intellectual property can qualify for a patent. And sometimes, even after a patent is secured others may unlawfully reproduce the invention. If you are trying to establish a patient, renew a patent, or believe your patent has been copied unlawfully, the best way to protect your rights is with the help of a skilled patent lawyer. Patent attorneys can evaluate your invention and help determine the best ways to market your product or idea to obtain success. They can also assist you in filing a lawsuit to recover damages if your patent rights have been infringed upon.

But how do you find a top attorney? That’s where we come in. makes it quick and easy to connect with a skilled patent lawyer in Florida. Our site features direct access to some of the highest ranked attorneys who have the expertise and knowledge to successfully patent your invention and protect your intellectual property rights after a patent has been secured. Just browse the site to find information on the attorneys in your area, including their background, case information, and areas of expertise to find the professional that best suits your needs. Then, just give them a call or reach us directly, and we’ll help you connect with the lawyer of your choice.

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Only registered patent attorneys are featured on our site for your protection. Our lawyers all have years of experience working with a variety of patents and will review your invention to make sure it gets approved. Aside from applying for a patent, our attorneys can also help you with a wide range of other matters, including patent renewal, non-compete agreements and filing an infringement lawsuit.

Turn to our patent lawyers in Florida for assistance with any of the following:

  • Patent Applications
  • Patent Evaluation
  • Infringement Matters
  • Draft Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Manufacturing and Sales
  • Distribution
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Internet Domain Matters
  • Contract Negotiations


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