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An invention is like a seed, it needs the right conditions to grow and flourish. It must be nurtured and above all, it must be protected. Inventions and their creators are protected with a patent. A patent is a government-issued license that prevents the invention from being replicated, used or sold by anyone other than the inventor. But filing for a patent in Indiana takes time, and just one small mistake can result in an application being rejected.

Because of this, anyone who is attempting to acquire a patent should solicit the help of an experienced patent lawyer. But how do you find a top patent lawyer in Indiana you can trust with something as valuable as your invention? That’s where we come in.

In a world where search engines can bombard you with 1,000 attorney recommendations, it can be difficult to find and retain legal counsel you can trust with something as important as an invention. is here to eliminate the ambiguity by providing you with free and round-the-clock access to the top patent lawyers in Indiana. Through our site, you can find detailed information on the best legal professionals in your area, including their background, experience, successful verdicts, and more. For your protection, all of the patent lawyers featured on our site are licensed to practice in Indiana and have successfully represented hundreds of inventors just like you with all their legal needs.

Whether you are applying for a new patent or are trying to file a patent infringement lawsuit, our attorneys will make sure your intellectual property rights are upheld.


What You Should Know About Patents

Patents protect intellectual property, which can include anything from a piece of technology to a piece of artwork. However, patents expire around 20 years from the date they are issued, depending on the type of invention. It’s important that as an inventor, you work with a lawyer who strictly deals in patents in order to protect your intellectual property from patent infringement. Our featured attorneys have extensive experience with a wide range of inventions and can not only help you apply for a patent, but assist you with an array of other legal matters, including non-compete agreements, marketing your product, and filing infringement lawsuits to recover compensation for the unlawful use or reproduction of your invention.


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The success of your invention rests in the hands of your patent lawyer. Do you really want an inexperienced professional driving the future of your product or idea? We didn’t think so. When you work with one of the patent lawyers featured on our site, you’ll never have to worry about the integrity or expertise of your legal counsel. Our attorneys are all registered and licensed to practice in Indiana and have successfully represented hundreds of inventors just like you with all their legal needs.

You’ve worked hard on your invention, and now it’s time to protect it. Connect with an experienced patent attorney in Indiana today with our help and make sure your rights as an intellectual property owner are upheld.