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If you’ve just created an invention, you may have heard the term patent more than once. But what exactly is a patent and how can it benefit you?

A patent as a type of license granted by the government that gives you, the inventor, the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention. It is critical you obtain a
patent as quickly as possible, because until you do so, your invention isn’t technically yours. You’ve worked hard on your intellectual property, do you really want someone else to profit from it? Of course not! And we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. make it quick and easy to retain legal counsel by providing access to the top legal professionals in the state from one convenient site. Just browse our site to find dozens of attorneys in your area and learn about their individual backgrounds, case history, area of expertise, and more so you can make an informed decision on your legal counsel.

The future of your invention can go one of two ways: Incredible or catastrophic. Do you want to profit from your hard work, or do you want to let your invention slip into the wrong hands, be stolen, and you never see a single dime? Make the right choice for your future. Work with a skilled patent lawyer today.


How Do You Obtain a Patent in Missouri and How Can a Patent Lawyer Help?

Like any other license, in order for an inventor to obtain a patent, they must apply for one, specifically with the branch of government that deals specifically with patents, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). Once you submit your application, the PTO will review your invention to determine its authenticity and it’s degree of novelty. If there is any product, service or idea already patented that is similar to your invention, and your invention does not put a new spin on the existing patent, the PTO will not likely approve your application.

No worries! When you have a skilled patent lawyer by your side, you’ll know whether you can be approved ahead of time and if you are still rejected, your attorney will help you tweak your invention to meet PTO standards!

Here are just a few things our patent lawyers can help you with:

• Applying for a patent – Because there’s a ton of paperwork to go through.
• Modifying your invention – To meet all the specifications of the PTO if your invention is too similar to another patent.
• Renewing a patent – Because like all licenses, patents expire.
• Acquiring a patent license – So you can allow other companies to market your product and profit from it.
• Litigating a patent infringement lawsuit – To help you obtain compensation in the event someone tries to steal your work and pass it off as their own.


Protect Your Intellectual Property with the Help of Our Experienced Patent Attorneys

If you’re still not sure whether you should obtain the services of a patent lawyer or are considering hiring a regular attorney, there may be one more detail you should consider. Regular lawyers can’t help you with patents. They can’t file a patent application, they can’t litigate patent infringement, and they will likely leave you owing money, instead of making it. Only patent attorneys licensed to practice before the PTO can help you patent your invention. Patent attorneys are highly trained and typically hold undergraduate or graduate degrees in engineering. They are lean, mean, litigating machines.

Your patent is a reflection of all your hard work! Don’t leave it in the hands of an inexperienced or unqualified professional! Let us help you reap the benefits of YOUR invention. Connect with one of our patent lawyers in Missouri today and experience the difference a top attorney can make with your case.