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Are You an Inventor in New Jersey?
It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced Patent Lawyer

If you are an inventor in New Jersey with a brand new product, service or idea, there’s a lot you should know. If you thought creating the invention took time and effort, you are in for a wild ride now. Though you’ve put in loads of time and hard work into creating your prized invention, it actually doesn’t belong to you – at least, not yet.

An invention only belongs to the inventor if they have obtained legal rights to exclude anyone else from claiming the invention. This right is called a patent.

Think of a patent as a legal hold over your invention. Patents are issued by the government branch called the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). Whoa, the U.S. government? Yep, a patent is serious business. After all, would you really want to leave any cracks for someone else to steal your intellectual property? Of course not!

But as you might imagine, trying to obtain a government-issued license – or working with the government in general – can be quite an endeavor. There are piles of documents you need to fill out in order to even apply for a patent, and you have to prove to the government your invention is new and original. This isn’t easy. More likely than not, the government will reject your patent application and tell you to change some things and try again. And even after a patent is granted, then you STILL have to worry about other people stealing your work. Only difference is that now, you can file a patent infringement lawsuit.

If all of this frustrates you, this is only the beginning. But now imagine that all the details that go into establishing a patent and protecting a patent from infringement are handled by someone else. Someone with experience and who is legally registered before the PTO, who knows exactly what they are doing and who can help you modify your patent application according to what they know the government is looking for before you even submit it. Would that be great?

Well, that “someone” exists. Their name? Patent Lawyer. Their aim? To protect your rights as an inventor.

Patent attorneys are a rare breed of legal professionals. In order to become a patent attorney, one must not only pass the standard Bar exam, but must also pass a special patent lawyer bar. These types of legal professionals usually have a background in engineering. So, this means that they are a triple threat: attorney, patent expert and engineer. They know they law, they know the PTO and they know inventions.

A patent lawyer can help you obtain a patent quickly and can assist with a wide range of other patent-related matters, such as non-compete agreements, patent infringement lawsuits, and many more. But how do you find a registered patent lawyer in New Jersey you can trust? How will you know they really are licensed to practice patent law? That’s where we come in. is your one-stop-shop for finding experienced and licensed patent attorneys in New Jersey. All the legal professionals featured on our site have successfully helped inventors just like you with all their patent needs and are ready and waiting to assist you with yours. Just browse our site to learn more about the skilled lawyers in your area, including their firm information, background and case history, and when you find one you like, simply give them a call to schedule a consultation.

When it comes to your hard work, don’t let fate or an inexperienced lawyer dictate the future of your invention. Place your trust in the hands of a top patent lawyer in New Jersey so you can ensure your intellectual property rights are fully protected.