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Have you recently created a new piece of intellectual property in New Carolina? If so, you may have already thought about obtaining a patent. If not, here’s a few reasons why you should. A patent is a form of legal protection issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) that guards an inventor’s intellectual property from being used, sold or replicated by others without their consent. When you have a patent, any time your work is copied or used in some way without your approval, you can file a patent infringement lawsuit and recover compensation. Without a patent, your invention isn’t even actually yours.

In order to protect your rights as the inventor and the future success of your intellectual property, you may want to consider working with a patent attorney. Only patent attorneys registered with the PTO and who have passed the patent bar are licensed to work on patent matters or litigate patent infringement lawsuits. But how do you find a registered patent lawyer? That’s where we come in. is a network comprised of some of the best and most experienced patent lawyers in New Carolina. From one convenient site, you can find detailed information on the attorneys in your area and learn about their background, case history, firm, and more. Once you’re ready, just give them a call and schedule a consultation. Get started on your patent application, infringement lawsuit or resolve any other patent-related matter today with the help of our attorneys.

The Benefits of Working with a Patent Attorney

The patent application process is long and complicated, but there’s more to a patent than the application. Patents must be approved by the PTO, and the documents that must be submitted to show your invention is original are extremely complex. Even after you obtain a patent, you have to keep renewing it. And if you are trying to profit from your intellectual property, you may want to consider obtaining a patent license so you can let others sell your work with your consent.

Patent attorneys handle all of those matters – and then some – so you won’t ever have to worry about the nitty gritty details. Each patent lawyer featured on our site has helped hundreds of inventors just like you to acquire a patent, market the patent and obtain the recognition they deserve for their hard work. No matter which attorney you work with, rest assured that if they were featured on, they are among the best in the business.


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Whether your legal needs center on applying for a new patent, renewing an existing patent or filing a patent infringement lawsuit, you can count on our featured patent lawyers in New Carolina to provide you with the superior legal counsel you deserve. To get started on your case today, contact one of our patent attorneys directly or reach us by phone or through our convenient contact form. Your invention has a promising future; let us help you realize its full potential.