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If you are the proud creator of a new invention, it’s time you started thinking about getting a patent. A patent is a type of legal protection issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) that excludes anyone other than the inventor from selling, using or replicating the invention. But even when a patent is established, the invention may still be used or copied unlawfully.

Patent attorneys help enforce an inventor’s intellectual property rights and assist with the complex process of applying for a patent, litigating an infringement case, and many more legal matters. There’s more to applying for a patent than just filling out a form. In order for a patent application to be successful, it must describe the invention in extensive detail, must explain exactly what the invention would exclude other people from doing without permission of the patent holder, and must be original. If any of these factors are missing, the PTO will likely reject the application.

If you live in Ohio and believe you have a truly original invention, it’s time you started working with a top patent lawyer to ensure your invention is protected. can help you find and retain legal counsel quickly and easily. Only registered patent lawyers can help inventors with their patent endeavors, but who has time to call up attorneys one by one to determine whether they are licensed or not? takes the hassle out of finding and retaining legal counsel by providing access to only resisted patent lawyers in Ohio from one convenient site. Browse to find a skilled legal professional near you and get started on your patent application today.

Why It’s Crucial for Inventors to Work with Experienced Patent Lawyers

Not only is the patent application process complex, but even after a patent is established, there are tons of other legal matters you need to take care of as the inventor. You may want to obtain a patent license so other companies can market or sell your product, while providing you with royalties for your invention. If you believe your work was stolen, you should consider filing a patent infringement lawsuit to obtain compensation for the unlawful use of your invention. All of these legal matters require an experienced and registered patent lawyer to carry out, and without one, you may end up losing thousands of dollars. can connect you with some of the best patent lawyers in Ohio right now. Each patent attorney featured on our site can help you with both prosecution and litigation matters. Prosecution is the process of applying for a patent, including evaluating the invention for originality and creating the application document, and litigation refers to the enforcement of the patent through infringement cases.

Patent attorneys focus their practice on obtaining patents and protecting patent rights, and are well-versed in the specialized contracts and terms of patent licensing agreements. All patent lawyers are required to pass a second state bar exam, called the patent bar, before they can practice, so you know you’ll be working with an elite legal professional. You’ve worked hard on your invention, and now it’s time to protect it with the help of a top patent lawyer. Give us a call to get connected with a patent attorney in Ohio today.