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If you have a new invention in Oklahoma, there’s a lot you should know. You might think that because you created the product, service or idea, that you automatically have sole rights to it. Think again.

An invention doesn’t actually belong to its creator until the inventor has obtained patent rights. A patent is a type of license issued by the government branch called the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), which grants the inventor exclusive rights to market, sell and profit from the intellectual property.

But as you might imagine, trying to obtain a government-issued license is a complicated process. Not only are there tons of documents that must be filed during the application process, but in order to even be granted the patent, you must prove that your invention is new and original. This isn’t easy. If it at all resembles an existing patent, the PTO will reject your application and explain all the ways you must change your invention in order to obtain approval. Even after getting a patent, you still have to worry about others trying to use your product and make a profit.

The road to obtaining a patent – and then protecting it – is lengthy and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be when you have a skilled patent lawyer by your side.

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Enforcing Your Patent Rights

Getting a patent is only the first step in protecting your intellection property. Once you have the sole rights to your invention, you also have the ability to license your patent and to obtain compensation when others use or profit from your invention without your consent. Enforcing your patent rights is just as important as actually obtaining the patent, and the best way to do so is with a patent lawyer by your side. features access to attorneys registered to practice with the PTO and who have the knowledge and savvy it takes to protect your rights. They can assist you with all patent-related matters, including filing a patent infringement lawsuit to recover compensation for another’s unlawful use of your intellectual property. They will also renew your patent rights, which typically expire 20 years from the date you obtained the patent.


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Obtaining a patent isn’t easy, and neither is the patent litigation process. The best way to protect your intellectual property rights is with the help of an attorney who understands the PTO, how patents operate and how best to quickly secure a successful verdict in a patent infringement lawsuit. Contact one of our featured patent lawyers in Oklahoma today so you can discuss your rights and swiftly resolve all your patent needs.