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Do You Have an Original Invention in Oregon?
It’s Time You Sought the Help of a Skilled Patent Attorney

If you have recently invented a new idea, product or service, it’s time you started thinking about getting a patent. A patent is a form of legal protection issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) that protects an inventor’s intellectual property from being used, sold or replicated by others without their consent. Unfortunately, even with a patent, an inventor’s rights can still be infringed upon.

Patent attorneys help inventors protect their intellectual property rights and assist in the complex patent application process. If you live in Oregon and believe you have an original invention, it’s time you sought legal help with a top patent lawyer to ensure your intellectual property is patented, recognized and protected from unlawful use. can help you connect with a leading patent lawyer who will make sure your intellectual property gets patented quickly and without a hitch. Only attorneys registered with the PTO are featured on our site for your protection, so you never have to worry about the quality of your legal counsel. So go ahead, browse our site to learn more about the skilled legal professionals near you and call them up to get started on your case today.

What a Patent Lawyer Can Do for You

The patent application process is long and arduous, but that’s not the only thing about the patent you should be thinking of. Aside from actually applying for a patent, as an inventor, you have a host of other legal matters you need to worry about. For one, you may want to obtain a patent license so other companies can market or sell your product, while providing you with royalties for your invention. You may also find yourself in the midst of a legal battle if someone reproduces or profits your work without your consent. And even if you avoid infringement, you still have to renew your patent every 20 years or so, depending on the type of invention.

For all these matters, it’s important to have a skilled patent lawyer by your side who specializes in patent law and who knows exactly how to handle each type of legal situation. All of the patent attorneys featured on our site can help you with both the prosecution process, the procedures involved in applying for the patent itself, and the litigation process, the process of enforcing your patent rights in court, such as through infringement.

Patent attorneys can navigate through all types of legal matters since their sole focus is on patents. They know exactly how to secure a favorable resolution for a case and will put out all the stops to ensure your rights as an inventor are protected.


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Whether you have a new invention you would like to protect with a patent or already have a patent and require assistance with other legal matters, we’re here to help you find and work with an experienced patent lawyer in Oregon who cares about your invention and will protect it as if it were their own. Contact one of our patent attorneys in Oregon today to discuss your options and get resolve your patent needs quickly and successfully.