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A patent is a type of license that gives an inventor exclusive legal rights to their creation for a limited period of time. Patent holders have the sole authority to market, manufacturer, sell, distribute and license their product or service throughout the duration of the patent, which is typically 20 years. Without a patent, the invention can be stolen and used by others to make a profit. The best way to prevent this is with the help of a patent attorney.

If you have an invention in Pennsylvania, it’s critical that you speak with a patent attorney immediately. A patent lawyer can help you determine if your invention qualifies for a patent, can assist you with the patent application process and can protect and enforce your intellectual property rights against potential patent infringers.

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Why Hire a Patent Lawyer?

A patent opens up a lot of options for inventors. It allows you to profit from your invention as well as prevents others from using, reproducing or profiting from your work. Once you have a patent, you can sell it for a specified amount or royalties, lease it, or pass it down to future generations in your family – it’s your choice. Having a patent also means that if someone else tries to use your work, you can file a patent infringement lawsuit and obtain compensation.

But the world of patents is much more complex than just having a license and filing a lawsuit when others use your invention. The application process is extremely complicated in and of itself, and it is rare for a first-time applicant to be approved for a patent on the first attempt.

An experienced patent attorney knows exactly what to do to speed up the process. They review your application and let you know what information should be changed either on the paperwork or with the invention. Then, once you obtain the patent, their role to protect your intellectual property rights continues. Your attorney will help you market your product, help you obtain a patent license so you can sell your invention, and will determine whether anyone has unlawfully profited from your invention in order to file a successful infringement lawsuit.

Patent lawyers aren’t just lawyers, they are specialists. In order to become a patent attorney, a legal professional must not only pass the standard Bar exam, but must pass a Patent Bar exam as well in order to become licensed to practice before the PTO. And usually, patent attorneys have a background in engineering so they are familiar with the inventions themselves.  In other words, a patent attorney is an expert in inventions and in an inventor’s rights. You can either leave all matters associated with your invention to chance, or, you can let an expert take on the tasks. The choice is easy.


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