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Do you have a new invention you would like to protect against infringement? If so, then it’s time you applied for a patent. A patent is a type of license issued by the government which grants an inventor exclusive rights to their product and allows them to file a lawsuit when their invention has been used or sold by others.

But obtaining a patent isn’t so easy . If you are looking to apply for a new patent, or have an existing patent and believe your intellectual property has been used unlawfully, a patent attorney can help protect your rights and we are here to help you connect with a top lawyer near you. features access to experienced patent attorneys in Washington who have the knowledge and expertise to protect your rights as an inventor. We make it easy to retain legal counsel by providing quick and convenient access to all the highest rated attorneys in the state from one, easy to use site.

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Learn About Patents and Their Use

A patent is a type of license issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) which protects an inventor’s intellectual property from use by third parties without the inventor’s consent. A patent allows the inventor to exclude others from using, selling, distributing, and marketing their concept and enables them to file patent infringement lawsuits in the event someone profits from their invention unlawfully.

There are several types of patents inventors can acquire, but the most common are utility patents, design patents and plant patents. A utility patent is issued for inventions than have a function, like a piece of equipment or technology. A design patent is issued for inventions that focus on the appearance of a product. Plant patents are issued for asexually reproduced plants.


The Benefits of Working with a Patent Lawyer

The process of applying for a patent can take time. The PTO will reject a patent application if the invention is too similar to an existing patent. Not only does the inventor have to prove their product or service is completely new and original with supporting documents, but even once the patent is obtained, the inventor must renew it every 20 years, if it’s a utility or plant patent, and every 14 years, if it’s a design patent. The inventor must also worry about ensuring their patent rights are enforced, especially when they believe their invention has been used or sold without their consent.

When handling these matters alone, an inventor may make a number of mistakes. However, an experienced patent lawyer knows exactly what to do to resolve all legal issues quickly and successfully. The patent lawyers featured on our site are dedicated to serving their clients’ needs. They take the time to review the actual invention to ensure it meets PTO guidelines, work with inventors to help them modify their inventions, and litigate all patent infringement matters.


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