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Do You Have an Original Invention?
You Should Be Talking to a Top Patent Attorney Right Now

Have you recently invented a new idea, product or service? If so, you may want to start thinking about applying for a patent. A patent is a type of legal protection issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) that shields an inventor’s intellectual property from unlawful use, reproduction, or sale. But even with an established patent, inventors may have their patent infringed upon.

Because the world of patents is a complex one, inventors should always think about working with patent attorneys in order to protect their rights and the future of their product or service. A lot of time, effort and documentation goes into just applying for a patent, and that’s only the first step. Patents can be rejected, and in fact, most of them are. A skilled patent lawyer knows exactly how to draft a successful patent application and works with the inventor in all other legal matters.

If you live in West Virginia and have a new invention, believe your work was unlawfully used, or would like to explore your marketing options, you may benefit greatly from the expertise of a top patent lawyer, and we can help you connect with the best. offers fast and easy access to leading patent attorneys in West Virginia from one convenient site. Only registered patent lawyers can litigate patent claims, so we make sure to provide access only to attorneys licensed with the PTO. Browse our site to find detailed information on the patent lawyers in your area, and once you’ve found the attorney you wish to work with, just give them a call. It’s that easy.

The Importance of Working with an Experienced Patent Lawyer

The patent application process is extremely arduous, but even after a patent is obtained, there are dozens of other legal matters you need to worry about. You may want to obtain a patent license so other companies can market or sell your product, while providing you with royalties for your invention. All of these legal matters require an experienced and registered patent lawyer to carry out, and without one, you may end up losing thousands of dollars. can connect you with a knowledgeable patent lawyer in West Virginia right now who will help you with everything from evaluating your invention for originality to drafting a patent application to litigating a patent infringement case in court. If your patent was rejected, your attorney can file a rebuttal with the PTO to have the application reevaluated or will even help you modify your invention so you can be approved faster.

For all your patent needs, turn to today. You’ve worked hard on your invention, and now it’s time to protect it. Let us help you connect with a top patent attorney in West Virginia today who will fight for your intellectual property rights and make sure your invention gets the recognition it deserves.