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Do you have an invention you need to protect in Wisconsin? We’re here to help. features a network of top patent lawyers in Wisconsin who can help you apply for a patent and who work diligently to enforce your patent rights. Search our site right now to get in touch with a skilled legal professional near you .


What is a Patent and Why Work with a Patent Lawyer?

A patent is a type of license issued by the U.S. government which grants an inventor exclusive rights to market, sell, reproduce, and profit from their invention. Without a patent, anyone can get away with using your intellectual property, and you won’t be able to do anything about it. But applying for a patent isn’t an easy task.

Your invention must be completely original in order for a patent to even be granted. Most applications are denied the first time around, which can be extremely frustrating. The best way to ensure your documentation is accurate and your invention novel is to work with an experienced patent lawyer who knows what they are doing and what the government expects. features access to top patent attorneys in Wisconsin who have the knowledge and expertise to protect your intellectual property rights. Our lawyers can assist you with all patent-related matters, including applying for the patent and modifying an application according to government specifications, and filing a patent infringement lawsuit to recover compensation when your intellectual property has been used without your consent. No matter which attorney you choose to work with, you can rest easy knowing that if they were featured on our site, you’ll be working with a passionate and dedicated legal professional who will resolve all your legal needs.

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  • Invention Evaluations
  • Patent Applications
  • Patent Renewal
  • Patent Licensing
  • Enforcing Patent Rights
  • Patent Infringement Lawsuits
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Patent Sales and Distribution
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Contract Negotiations

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Your invention has the potential to radically change the world. But you won’t know what your invention can do until you obtain a patent for it. It’s time you sought legal counsel to protect your rights as an inventor and to protect your intellectual property from falling into someone else’s hands without your consent. Let us help you find and retain a skilled patent attorney in Wisconsin today.

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