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Are you an inventor in Wyoming looking to capitalize on your new product or service? If so, you may be shocked to learn that your invention isn’t actually yours. Not until you obtain a patent, that is.

A patent is a type of license issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) that gives inventors the right to exclude others from using, selling or reproducing their creations. However, a typical patent license only lasts 20 years, which means that in order to keep your intellectual property from being used unlawfully, you need to keep reapplying for new patents.

The world of patents can be a complicated one if you attempt to go at it alone, but luckily, you don’t have to. There are skilled patent lawyers in Wyoming ready and waiting to protect your rights, and we are here to help you connect with them.

The highest ranked patent attorneys in Wyoming can be found on We know it can be a burden to search for legal counsel on your own, but with our help, you won’t have to worry about wasting any time in finding representation. We make it quick and convenient to locate a patent lawyer in your hometown by providing access to only licensed and experienced attorneys in the state. Just look for your town on the interactive map, and find out who is practicing near you. Then, simply click on their profile and you’ll learn all the details you need to make your decision, including information on the attorney’s firm, case history, successful verdicts, and more.

Whether you are a first-time or seasoned inventor, you can trust to help you find and retain a patent attorney in Wyoming with the skills and expertise to protect your intellectual property rights.


Patents and What They Mean for You

There are three main types of patents you can apply for: utility patents, design patents and plant patents. Utility patents are the most common. They are granted for the actual function of an invention, such as new technology or an improvement to an existing piece of machinery, and must be renewed every 20 years. Design patents protect the overall appearance of an invention and expire after 14 years. Plant patents are issued for the creation of an asexually produced plant and last for 20 years.  Once you have a patent, then you can begin to capitalize on your invention, while at the same time preventing others from utilizing your ideas. If someone does try to reproduce your work or pass your invention off as their own, having the patent rights means you can file a patent infringement lawsuit and be compensated for the unlawful use of your invention.  But in order to obtain a patent to begin with, you must apply with the PTO – not an easy task. The PTO usually requires detailed information on the patent and tends to reject first-time applications. The best way to avoid this – and to handle all other legal matters regarding your invention – is with the assistance of a patent lawyer, who knows exactly what to do to ensure your patent gets approved and how to recover compensation for you if your invention was unlawfully used.

It’s Your Intellectual Property – Don’t Let it Fall in the Wrong Hands

Your invention is a reflection of your hard work, of your genius. Do you really want to leave it unprotected and vulnerable for others to sweep in and steal it? We didn’t think so. Protect your intellectual property right now with the help of an experienced patent lawyer. Give one of our attorneys a call today, or contact and we’ll help you connect with a top legal professional in your area.